On this page, is the most common locks used in Australia for securing properties.

The first two locks are used normally as front door locks on apartments across Australia.

A lot of these locks come in different colors,  Eagleby Locksmiths stock all the normal colors which are Silver, White and Black.

We can order different colours to match your doors, this normally takes a few days.

The handle lock in the photo is a commercial grade lock which is $120, but a normal handle lock is around $20 for a bedroom door.

Front door locks “deadlocks” range from $130 supplied and fitted to about $290 supplied and fitted depending what type of deadlock you need.

Apartment/unit front door locks must be Fire rated if you have a fire door installed, not all apartment front doors have fire doors, so you can use a non-fire ratted lock.

Garage Locks like the one in the photo is about $32 supplied and fitted, other garage locks can range up to $180 for a heavy duty dead lock

Security door locks start from $65 supplied plus service call $88 to come to your house.

Eagleby Locksmiths can supply and install all locks for your home or business & match the keys so you only have one key working all locks.

Below are photo’s to help you identify what you are looking for.

Bedroom door handle lock by Eagleby Locksmiths
Handle Lock. Front door locks

Front door dead latch dead lock by Eagleby Locksmiths
Front door locks

Tilt a door garage lock by Eagleby Locksmiths
Garage Lock

Sliding window lock in white by Eagleby Locksmiths
Window Lock

Standard screen door lock by Eagleby Locksmiths
Security Door Lock

Back sliding door lock by Eagleby Locksmiths
Sliding door lock

Gate Lock by Eagleby Locksmiths
Side gate lock can be matched to your house key

Keyless entry lock push button by Eagleby Locksmiths
Digital push button lock, Keyless
Standard sliding screen lock by Eagleby LocksmithsSecurity door locks