Special Keys

These types of keys have a number of advantages over the standard keys.

Security is the most important issue when choosing a security key system to install.

Not all security keys offer physical security, some are designed to just stop a person from getting another key duplicated.

General Infomation

In the Locksmith trade, we call all security keys “Restricted Keys” this just simply means a key that requires a letter of authorization to have a key made.

Restricted Keys generally means only one locksmith can produce another key, if that Locksmith business gets sold or goes out of business then the systems are generally taken over by another locksmith company.

The number one advantage is with all restricted keys is they can’t be cut, duplicate or made by just anyone.


Each Restricted key will be given a System number which identifies to the locksmith which system the key belongs too.

This number doesn’t mean anything to anyone else, only the locksmith company that installed the system.

Then each key is given a group number & again this number is only useful to the locksmith company that installed the system,

Then finally the restricted key is given an issue number which identifies the actual key.

Almost all Australian Locksmiths have the three stages of numbering, if other locksmiths look at the numbers on the back of the key, the information doesn’t mean anything to him.


The first advantage is the key can’t be duplicated by your local shore repair guy, The reason why is because the key blanks themselves are not available to just anyone.

Some restricted keys can be cut by the normal key duplicating machines which the local shore repair person will have, but he will not have the key blank to cut in the first place.

The basic restricted key system gives the property owner control of who gets a key & what that doors the key will work.

If a key is lost or stolen, the locksmith can just change the locks on a group of doors & issue new keys, not all doors need to be changed. Unless a Master key is lost.

Groups of keys can be made to only work a group of locks,

For example, we have a  School

  •  each classroom is given its individual key which the teacher uses to open his or her classroom & the staffroom door

The head teacher needs access to all classrooms & the staffroom

The cleaner needs access to all classrooms but is not allowed access to the head teachers office


Each restricted key system has different levels of security, from design (how complicated the keys are) to the physical security of the lock (Key Barrels)

All restricted key system can be master keyed

Low security offers a restricted key design, with not much, physical deterrents inbuild in the barrel

Low-Mid security offers the restricted key design with picking resistance

Medium security offers the restricted key design with picking resistance and anti-drill deterrents inbuilt in the Barrel

Medium to high security offers the restricted key design with picking resistance and anti-drill deterrents inbuilt in the Barrel & introduces a floating key element within the key.

High Security  offers the restricted key design with picking resistance and anti-drill deterrents inbuilt in the Barrel & introduces a floating key element within the key & electronic code in the key head and an electric motor in the lock barrel, this means unless the key and lock are programmed to work having the correct key can be deprogrammed if lost.


Choosing the correct restricted key system for your property comes down to a few key things.

What you are trying to protect & the value of the thing you are protecting

Who is likely to break into the property, IE: opportunist? ex-Worker? Profession? Industry sabotage? there are many reasons and all types of a situation but only you know what your protecting.

It’s good to give the Locksmith some kind of idea or tell him about your concerns,

Don’t say exactly but by asking some questions the locksmith will pick up on what you are saying & most likely offer a high level of security then if you say nothing.

Keep in mind the Locksmith doesn’t know anything about your business or house or your life or any problems you might be having, so a few words from you can make all the difference.

Price also comes into it, the high-security lock barrels & keys can cost up to $790 per door & the lower end security restricted barrels & key per door around $95


Medium to high security key



Medium to high-security Barrel