• There are three main types of intercoms.
  • Audio only ( only Voice)

  • Audio & Video in black & white

  • Audio & video in Colour

If you are wanting to do an upgrade from an existing system which is Audio only, the main issue is going to be what type of cable the existing intercom system uses.

90% of the time upgrading an existing system with the same type of intercom will work.

Intercoms have been around for a long time, typically older buildings like apartment blocks installed Audio only intercom systems using telephone cable.

The mid-1990’s  saw black & white cameras being incorporated into intercoms, the existing cabling was able to be used.

Then mid-2000’s the intercoms started to transmit digital voice & digital image (video).

But the cables needed to be changed, there was video & audio modules that made it possible to use some of the existing 4 wire phone cables for short distances which reduced the amount of re-wiring that needed to be done.

With all new installation now, the intercoms use the standard cable Cat5e which allows Video and Audio transmissions seamlessly.

The good news is, with the new style cabling Cat5e or Cat6 cable it can handle huge amounts of data, which in turn future proof any replacement intercom say in 30 years time.

House intercom

Below is an intercom with Audio & Colour video.




  1.  Made out of metal
  2.  Audio & Video (colour)
  3. Tamper resistant
  4.  Rain resistant with cover
  5.  Call button is durable
  6.  Slimline style
  7.  Outside use



  1. Stainless steel
  2. Name badge
  3. Tamper resistant
  4. LED lights for camera
  5. Colour camera
  6. Used in sheltered places, it’s rain resistant but for internal use




Here is the touch screen for the intercoms.

7 inch colour touchscreen

Adjustable setting

ringtone, brightness, colour and much more.

Door unlock button,

External SD card

Each time the call button is pressed you can save a snapshot & view who pressed you door bell