More & More people are installing camera systems into their homes and business

The prices have come down to the point were most people can afford to have a system installed.

With the internet providing the connection between the Video Recorder & the smartphone, viewing your camera system in real time is possible.

Being on the other side of the world I was able to:

  1. Playback video footage
  2. Have the ability to download video footage directly to my phone
  3. View what was happening in real time

My camera system is an IP HD system, so the picture quality is like watching something in real life.

Having a computer monitor attached to the wall allows me to always see what is going on outside my house.

I opted for an IP camera system mainly because  it future proofed having a CCTV system,

When technology improves & the image quality gets even better; I don’t have to replace the cabling I installed, just replace the cameras & the NVR (Network Video Recorder)

The System I installed was a 2mp (Mega Pixels) system, anything over 1.2mp provides good quality images.

As cameras & NVRS improve the images allow you to zoom into them and see clearer what went on.

2mp cameras are matched with a 2mp (Mega Pixels) NVR, you need to have both the same or the NVR needs to be able to process a higher resolution than the cameras.

I find the 2mp (Mega Pixels) system does everything I could want, it’s a good compromise with hard drive space as the hard drives are expensive.

As of 2017 the system is outdated & we now can get 8mp (Mega Pixels)  cameras & NVR’S, But the cost is not worth it for my house.


As the picture quality goes up so does the amount of storage you will require for the same duration of saved camera footage.

The higher the Mega Pixels the camera produces the more data & the more storage room is needed.

Most camera systems use the H.264 codec but the new camera system use H.265 codec which helps with storage space.

With four camera recording 24 hours a day and using 2mp camera I get two days saved footage on all camera with a 500GB hard drive. H.264 codec.

I opted to run an enterprise western digital hard drive for my system.

Types of cameras

There are really only three types

Body camera

Dome Camera

PTZ (Pan Tilt & Zoom) cameras

Body Camera

Dome Camera

PTZ Camera

Most of the time we install dome camera or a Body camera, PTZ cameras are basically used in places like shopping centers or car parks